Rabu, 14 Mei 2014

ArtWork - Sketch of Alun-alun Selatan Yogyakarta

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Sketch of alun-alun kidul yogyakarta

This is one of my sketch, located in Alun-alun Selatan (Alun-alun kidul or Alkid) Yogyakarta. I just used gel pen on A5 sketchbook. 
I interested to Yogyakarta's lamp on there, but the situation of Alkid always make me interested too. Because peoples come to yogyakarta and visited this place to try simething unik about this place. There was a story about twins banyan tree in center of alkid. Anybody who can pass between the bayan tree, it mean he/she has a pure heart and believe that their wishes will come true..
Believe it or not, but peoples still come to this place to prove this story..

If you want to try this, you just have to cover your eyes with a material. And walk straight ahead.
It look so easy. But if you try it, you will feel the challenge and in my opinion, its a bit difficult. And many of then walk away from the bayan tree. And they don't recognize it.

PS : If u want to try this, you must have a friend to guide you and clean your way..

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